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Legacy Photos by Jack Cane, Ph. D.

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NPR Photos

Moonrise and other images: Oratory at Ave Maria, Collier Co., FL, US
Gulf Coast, SW FL, US
Etowah Rapids
Education: College Campuses Ave Maria Oratory Sunset Takeoff Moving Water #2  

NPR Photos Appalachia

Appalachian Cabin
Morningin North Georgia, US
Cane Creek Church, Lumpkin County, GA, US
Jennys Porch
  Rustic Cabin Morning Mist Old Church Appalachian Log Home and Crafts Skullcaps on Len Foote Trail  

More NPR Photos

Yellow Mold and Other Lichens
Toadstools of Many Kinds
Queen Anne Lace and Many Others
Bird of Paradise, with Palm Frond
    Molds Toadstools Flowers, Blooms Bird of Paradise  

Other Photos

Other Photos
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