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  History Started taking pictures as a teenager, serving as photographic editor of my high school yearbook. Have never been without a camera, acquiring an extensive collection of images of my career in the US Navy, of family and friends, and of many years sailing and traveling. Teaching digital photography at Edison College.
  Cameras Kodak Retina IIa 35mm Lifelong treasure, compact 50mm f:2 bellows camera remains functional to this day as my all-mechanical standby unit
    Leica R8 35mm or digital 2005-present
    Leica Digital Module-R 2006-present. The 10-Mpx digital module enables the R8 to store images on digital or chemical (film) media The Leica R8-R9 is the only dual-capable camera in the world (2006).
  Lenses Summicron-R
50mm f:2
Vario Elmar-R f:4.5
80-200 (older model)
Vario Elmarit-R
f:2.8-4.5 28-90
  • First prize, color, Livermore, CA art exhibition, 1971
  • Bay Sailor (cover photo). Eastern Shore, MD: October, 1988.
  • Cane, J., A Voyage into the Past. Tidewater Times, Eastern Shore, MD, February, 1988, pp. 153, 165.
  • Cane, J., Ave Maria: Images of a Work in Progress. Naples, FL: ENW International Corp., September, 2010, 36 pp. softcover, ISBN 978-0-615-40924-5.
  • Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, From a Lighthouse Window. Easton, MD: Waverly Press, 1989, pp. 106-108, 112.
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  • Tobias, T. The Sail Loft. The Star Democrat (newspaper). Easton, MD: Chesapeake Publishing Corp., 13 June, 2001, p. 1c.
  • BSEE, Cornell University
  • MS (Physics), US Naval Postgraduate School
  • Ph.D. (Computer Information Systems), Nova Southeastern University
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