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Jack Cane's Nascent List of Photo Publications

Photographic displays in online media, competitions and and galleries are one thing, but I am increasingly attracted to the hardcopy medium to publish favorite images taken from my work to-date.

My most recent book, "Atlanta's Orchids", being published in 2015, is a first attempt to bring my growing collection of orchid photos out in book form. The 8.5" square, paperback book contains over 100 color images taken at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the private gardens of members of the Atlanta Orchid Society, and the Society's regular meetings. Please watch the page linked below, or contact me for updated info/links as planned marketing arrangements come into reality.

The compelling shapes and forms of contemporary sculpture and architecture at Ave Maria, in rural Collier County, Florida, drew my attention over several years' time resulting in a first book, published in 2011, a second completed later in 2011, and a calendar.

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In 2007, beginning with swamp walks in the Florida Everglades, the pleasure and challenges of photographing the orchid started engaging me. Frequent visitors to these web pages have witnessed the development of that collection. A first attempt at hardcopies of a few orchid photos became a reality with publication of the 2012 calendar, followed by annual updates.


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