Ave Maria
Images of a Work in Progress

Photography by John Cane

For Immediate Release

Ave Maria -- Images of a Work in Progress: Photographs of Ave Maria, Florida, ISBN 9780615409245, softcover, comprised of 40 pages and 46 images all in color, revised and re-published in March, 2011.

Photographer John Cane presents high-quality images of Ave Maria -- the University, the Oratory and the Town -- made by him with his Leica camera beginning in 2007. He created a remarkable collection of artistic studies of the brand-new Catholic complex located within sun-drenched Collier County between Naples and Immokalee.

Particular emphasis is on objets d'art that abound: a marble bas-relief sculpture, by Márton Váró, of the Annunciation by the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary,completed in 2011; Scagliola castings depicting the Stations of the Cross within the Oratory; gilt bronze likenesses of the Apostles in front of the Oratory; the Oratory itself, a decidedly modern, Gothic structure, done in soaring curves of steel and stone. The concepts of Frank Lloyd Wright are much in evidence in the design of the Oratory and of the University.

In addition to multiple vendors at Ave Maria, a Web search (January 2011) indicated that the book was listed with web sites registered on five continents, offered by vendors including Amazon and Barnes & Noble (among others) in Africa, Austrailia, two Baltic nations, India and the US.