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Announcing Jack Cane's latest book: 128 8.5"x8.5" pages containing 100 full-size, color photos of orchids grown by the Atlanta Botanical Garden and by members of the Atlanta Orchid Society.

The book's primary purpose is to give readers a pleasant, artistic viewing experience. In addition, all images are identified with the help of Carson Barnes, who has also provided additional comments on many of the species, in the form of further, descriptive text, for those who would like to know more about these interesting forms of floral life.

All photos are crystal-clear, having been made with the latest equipment, and painstakingly edited to bring out the best of every genus/species. In addition to traditional renderings, a few pictures will be found to have gone in creative, artistic directions, with two-page spreads and detailed close-ups that differ markedly from traditional views of otherwise well-known, popular varieties.

Please open this link for a brief preview of the book.

[October, 2015] This book is just at the very beginning of the publication process. Reprints containing minor revisions are still in progress. A limited quantity of proof copies is available upon request. Advance orders at $17.95 wholesale and $29.95 retail, plus shipping, are now being accepted via previous email link. Final version will be available soon. Please bookmark this page to revisit periodically, as publication and marketing activities progress. If you like, you can contact the author to place your name on an email list for future announcements including availability in stores, via eCommerce and other outlets.

Cattleya labiata

Phragmipedium lindlayanum

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