ENW International, Ltd. - Photography by Jack Cane, Ph. D.

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Cane Creek Church, Lumpkin County, Georgia, 1866-

  This modest house of worship has been in continuous use for over 140 years. It is never locked. Jack was taken with the simplicity and timeless quality of its interior, and photographed it in a number of different kinds of light. NPR* techniques were employed in many of these images.  
Flash lighting (3)
Overhead lighting
  "Let us pray" "Let us pray" #2 "Here may be
sung a Hymn
Note the plain, rough-sawn front door in background.    
  Afternoon light Evening light:
"Day is done;
Gone the sun..."
  *NPR: non-photorealistic rendering, wherein graphical special effects and procedures enhance or embellish the natural qualities of a photograph, possibly to improve the quality of the viewer's interaction with the image.